We grow delicious chemical-free vegetables at our farm in Lewiston and in our hoophouses in Lisbon.  We are not certified organic at this time, but we focus on using organic growing practices.  We are planning to get certified organic next year.

Some of the vegetables we grow include:


Greens Herbs Vegetables Root Vegetables Fruits
Lettuce Basil Green Beans Carrots Tomatoes
Swiss Chard Parsley Sugar Snap Peas Beets Zucchini
Kale Cilantro Cabbage Potatoes Eggplant
Amaranth Oregano


Scallions Radishes


Salad Mix Sage Celery Turnip Hot Peppers
Mesclun Mix Fennel Broccoli Onions Husk Cherries
Bok Choi Dill Brussel Sprouts Rutabaga Tomatillo
Arugula Cauliflower Celeriac Cucumber
Tatsoi Leeks Sweet Potato Pumpkin
Collard Greens Sweet Corn Garlic Summer & Winter Squash
Spinach African Corn Parsnip Okra
Kohlrabi African Squash


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