2023 CSA (Community Supported Agriculture)

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And if you don’t see your preferred delivery site listed here, check back- we’ll be adding more over the next few weeks!

Mohamed Abukar harvesting in the fields.

We offer fresh local vegetables for people in Southern Maine through our Community Supported Agriculture program.  We are cooperatively owned and producing healthy fruits and vegetables by caring for the land and using no chemicals or pesticides.

By supporting New Roots Farm Cooperative, you are also supporting refugee farmers in Maine!

For the past 6 years, we have run this program through the Fresh Start Farms CSA with Cultivating Community.  New Roots Farm Cooperative is now in charge of our own CSA program and we look forward to serving our Somali and American communities.

Read below for all the details about the 2023 CSA…

When does the CSA program begin and end and how much does it cost?

We will be delivering CSA shares on a 16 week season from July-October, with two 8-week seasons. CSA Members can invest in a full season share (16 weeks, July-Oct), or a half-season share (8 weeks-summer (July-Aug) or autumn (Sept-Oct)).

Share TypeTime PeriodFeedsCost
Small Share Full Season16 weeks, Jul-Oct1-2 people$420 ($26.25/week)
Small Share Half Season-Summer8 weeks, Jul-Aug1-2 people$215 ($26.87/week)
Small Share Half Season-Fall8 weeks, Sep-Oct1-2 people$215 ($26.87/week)
Family Share Full Season16 weeks, Jul-Oct2-4 people$530 ($33.12/week)
Family Share Half Season-Summer8 weeks, Jul-Aug2-4 people$270 ($33.75/week)
Family Share Half Season-Fall8 weeks, Sep-Oct2-4 people$270 ($33.75/week)

*Dates are subject to change. Because the climate and weather can be unpredictable here in Maine, we may start CSA shares a week later or end a week earlier.  Rest assured, you will get your 16 or 8 weeks of shares!

**Registration may close earlier if our we reach our maximum share capacity before the registration deadline. Sign up soon to reserve your spot in our CSA!

No Cost CSA:

We’re excited to announce new no-cost CSA for newly settled low-income individuals and asylum-seekers in the Lewiston-Auburn area. Fill out the form by clicking this link.
The deadline is July 5, 2022 for 8-16 weeks worth of vegetables.

What forms of payment are offered and how can I pay for my share?

Our easy registration page walks you through the many different payment options we’re offering this year: 

  • Debit/credit card
  • E-check
  • Check by mail
  • EBT/SNAP- and when you use this payment method, you receive a 50% discount!

When you sign up, you’ll have the option to pay all at once, or in monthly installments! Please contact us with any questions regarding payment.

What is in a typical CSA share?

A family share feeds 2-4 people with approximately 10 items.

A small share is for 1 person, or 2 that do not cook every night of the week, with approximately 7 items.

A sample fall CSA share: cauliflower, purple kale, turnips, cabbage, broccoli, parsley, carrots, bok choy, sweet potatoes, arugula.

Where can I pick up my share?

Public pickup locations are in Lewiston, Portland, Damariscotta, Kennebunk, Bath, & South Portland. Use the map below to find the best location and time for you. During signup you will choose a location to pickup. We are happy to change your location during the season if you need but ask for at least 72 hours notice by contacting us by email or phone.

 Portland Food Co-op / Wed 2pm- 8pm
 Damariscotta Farmers’ Market / Fri 9am- 12pm
 Kennebunk Farmers’ Market / Sat 8am- 1pm
 Bath Farmers’ Market / Sat 8:30am-12pm
 Cumberland Farmers’ Market / Sat 10am-1pm
 Lewiston Farmers’ Market / Sun 10am-1pm
 South Portland Farmers’ Market / Sun 10am-2pm



What if I can not make it to any of the pickup locations?

If there are at least 10 shares to be delivered to your office or home we will happily deliver CSA shares to you where your neighbors and co-workers can pick up from you.

If this is something you would like to talk more about, email us at newrootscooperativefarm@gmail.com and our marketing coordinator will get back to you about making your location a pick up spot.

What will be in my share through the season?

Sample Family Shares:

Mid Summer Late Summer Autumn
Green onions Tomatoes Rutabaga
Broccoli Peppers Cabbage
Radishes Husk Cherries Spinach
Garlic Scapes Corn Winter Squash
Peas Melon Parsnips
Strawberries Eggplant Sweet Potatoes
Dill Cilantro Garlic
Braising Mix Kohlrabi Sage
Carrots Summer squash Apples
Beets Swiss chard Leeks

Sample Small Shares:

Mid Summer Late Summer Autumn
Arugula Beans Salad Mix
Carrots Beets Parsley
Broccoli Kale Celery
Potatoes Summer Squash Onions
Asparagus Cucumber Watermelon
Cilantro Salad Mix Carrots
Strawberries Basil Potatoes

Tips for a Positive CSA Experience:

  • Please plan to pick up your bag at the same site for the full duration of the program. You can change your pickup site location if necessary. You can contact us with your needs.
  • Please ask friends and family members to assist with pickups that may otherwise be missed. We are sorry to say we cannot refund missed pickups. Your share will be donated to a food-insecure family.
  • Please share with others! If you don’t like certain items in your bag and would like to trade, there are a few options depending on where your pickup site is located. If you are picking up at a farm stand or farmer’s market, you can ask your farmer to switch for something else. If your CSA is being delivered to your office, we encourage you to set up an inter-office vegetable trade.
  • We will email you a list of what is included in your share every week and tips and tricks on how to cook, store and eat your produce. Because growing vegetables can be unpredictable, we can’t dictate exactly what will be in each share before deliveries are made.
  • Help us make this work for you financially! We understand that upfront payments can be a challenge for some households. Because farmers pack such cost-effective shares, we encourage folks to split the cost with a friend or neighbor. If you would like to get in touch regarding CSA shares for SNAP recipients, please also contact us.

End of Season CSA Feedback Survey

We work hard to offer you a positive CSA experience and greatly appreciate your feedback. Thank you so much for becoming a member of our CSA!