Please note that by registering for the CSA, you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions. Feel free to contact us with any clarifying questions.

  • Please plan to pick up your bag at the same site for the full duration of the program. You can change your pickup site location if necessary. You can contact us with your needs.
  • Please ask friends and family members to assist with pickups that may otherwise be missed. We are sorry to say we cannot refund missed pickups. Your share will be donated to a food-insecure family.
  • Please share with others! If you don’t like certain items in your bag and would like to trade, there are a few options depending on where your pickup site is located. If you are picking up at a farm stand or farmer’s market, you can ask your farmer to switch for something else. If your CSA is being delivered to your office, we encourage you to set up an inter-office vegetable trade.
  • We will email you a list of what is included in your share every week and tips and tricks on how to cook, store and eat your produce. Because growing vegetables can be unpredictable, we can’t dictate exactly what will be in each share before deliveries are made.
  • We understand that upfront payments can be a challenge for some households. Because farmers pack such cost-effective shares, we encourage folks to split the cost with a friend or neighbor. If you would like to get in touch regarding CSA shares for SNAP recipients, please also contact us.