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New Roots Cooperative Farm Joins Isuken Co-op to open Farm Stand at 996 Sabattus Street in Lewiston.



On Friday May 18th on the first day of Ramadan New Roots sign a lease to open a farm stand that has been well known in Lewiston, Maine for many years known as Blackies and CC’s Farm Stand. This opportunity came from a long time supporter of New Roots who had a business opportunity available and offered it to be the extension of the New Roots Farm. This was a surprise and offered great opportunity in growing our business and community in Lewiston.

The other big factor in making this work was joining forces with another cooperative in our community called Isuken Co-op. They are working to open a farm to table food truck selling Sambusa & Chai Tea. In the coming months they will purchase a food truck and get it ready to serve as part of the farm stand, as well as taking the truck on the road. We can’t wait to sell their Sambusa and Tea to stand customers.

Sharing this opportunity was key in making it work. By splitting the cost of the lease and utilities, each group can run their new business at a much lower expense. And sharing the space of the farm stand they will work together in ways they could not otherwise.

The farm stand will sell a full variety of fresh fruit and vegetables and fresh cut flowers. As we begin to harvest from the farm we will sell our own vegetables and fruits, as well as others in our Somali-Bantu community and beyond in Maine.

We will open officially in late-June. Listen on social media or sign up for our email newsletter and you’ll know when we are open.

Click here for the official press release.

Enjoy some photos from our journey…

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